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You dont

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Q: How do you propose to a girl who u dont know much?
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You know a girl from 2 weeks and you like her very much you talk and you went out last week should you propose her?

No! Girls hate to be rushed!

What is a girl who talk too much?

It because they are scared to fight and they dont know how to shut up

You propose a girl she refused it but now she is trying to come closer to me for example she sit with melugh and much more i want to know what are her thoughts?

how old are you? if your a teenager your just wasting her time.

You want to propose a girl what should you say her?

Tell her how much you love her and recite these words "Will You Marry Me".

I sent a girl love letter I Love You she replied don't send such type of greetings?

you should not send a love letter to a girl unless you know her very well and she knows you too.still writing love letter is old fashionedgirls really dont like it .the better way to propose a girl isTalk to her casually and develop a rapport (dont give a impression that u are going to propose her ).step by step understand what she feels like being and check her moodcrack some jokes and make her laughand then slowly divert the conversation to loveand dont say it directly .( say it indirectly )eg: i Think iam in love with you ......wait for some time ......... and ask what about you?do u love me ?if so how much do u?you know i love a few things and they are precious to me. You are one of them .

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That is hard for me to say beacause i dont know whether you are talking about a boy or girl i dont know the child ask your GP

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i dont know that much, and i dont even know what is a telex......

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you dont you get a girl to make out with you they are much better

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