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After you have freed Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, you need to go to Mt. Coronet and enter at Route 207. When you first enter the cave you will see a body of water, surf across that and then use Rock Climb when you have reached the other side of the water. After you have done this, you should make your way through the cave going towards Snowpoint. On your way through the cave you should see Team Galactic Grunts, this is your key to knowing if you are going the right way. Once you exit Mt. Coronet, you will be in a snowy area. In this area there are several cave entrances. If you come to a dead end or think you are lost, exit the cave and try a new entrance. After you have made your way through all of the caves, you will come out on Spear Pillar. The game will tell you what you need to do from there. I hope this helped!

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Q: In platinum where do you go after you free the legendary Pokemon?
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How do you find legendary Pokemon on platinum version?

go to Pokemon then it tells you where to find them

How do you obtain the rarest legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Get the best pokeballs and go search for it.

Is there a Pokemon trainer with the Pokemon mew in platinum?

No. Legendary Pokemon do not go with random trainers. If you were LOOKING for a mew, and just wanted to trade, go to a website like

How do you get all legendary Pokemon in platinum?

Go in to every Pokemon gym and get beaten at least 10 times againgst the gym leaders.

How do you free the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon pearl for ds?

there is four legendary Pokemon you could catch first you need seven bagdes go to the top of mt. coronet and beat Cyrus you will see the Pokemon palkia is a legendary Pokemon after that go to the lakes and you could catch azelf mesprit and uxie which are legendary Pokemon note-i did not use uppercase letters

What do you do after you free the 3 legendary Pokemon in diamond version?

You go to the three caves and catch them.

Where do you go after you release the legendary Pokemon iin platinum?

you chase them down using your marking map on your will see icons on the screen.

How do you get legendary Pokemon in poke farm?

You go to your farm save it them bring your legendary pokemon to the front of your Pokemon then it will go in your farm

How do you make the legendary Pokemon appear in Pokemon platinum?

you can't you have to go to the right place at the right time like for exaple giratina you have to go to spear pillar just before going to sunnyshore city!

How do you catch a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Blast?

Check the link. Go there for the legendary pokemon.

Where do you find a misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get Misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum, you have to trade it through Wi-Fi or get it from someone who has Pokemon Pearl. If Pokemon Pearl can't be found, go to McDonald's as they have free Wi-Fi.

What do you do after setting free the 3 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon?

catch palkia (pearl) catch dialga (diamond)