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You go to the three caves and catch them.

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Q: What do you do after you free the 3 legendary Pokemon in diamond version?
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What do you do after you free the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You climb the peak of Mt. Cornet to get to the Distortion World.

What do you do after setting free the 3 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon?

catch palkia (pearl) catch dialga (diamond)

What is the diamond statue in Pokemon Diamond?

The 'Diamond statue' you speak of is located to the East of Enterna City. This statue is the same in Diamond and Pearl, as you can see it is a mix of Dialga (Diamond Legendary) and Plakia (Pearl legendary.) If this is not what you ment by your question, feel free to cantact me on my message board.

How do you free the three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond to get to the seventh badge?

Go to the team galatic base after battling the boss... P.S. I forgot the name

Where can you download a free working version of Pokemon diamond or pearl for your Nintendo ds emulator?

Asking for this sort of thing is ILLEGAL.

Can you set Pokemon free on diamond version if yes how?

Yes, you can set a Pokemon free! All you have to do is go to a PC in a Pokemon Center and select BEBE's PC. Go to the MOVE POKEMON option and then move over the Pokemon you want to set free. Press the A button and scroll down to the RELEASE option. Remember when you do this you can never get this Pokemon back!

Can you trade in your Pokemon diamond in for Pokemon SoulSilver for free at gamestop?

Probably not.

How do you free the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon pearl for ds?

there is four legendary Pokemon you could catch first you need seven bagdes go to the top of mt. coronet and beat Cyrus you will see the Pokemon palkia is a legendary Pokemon after that go to the lakes and you could catch azelf mesprit and uxie which are legendary Pokemon note-i did not use uppercase letters

Is the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond free?


What is the last legendary in Pokemon Red rescue team?

the last legendary in story mode is ryquaza and in free mode it is Latias

How do you get Pokemon Black version free?

you dont

How do you get a Weavile in Pokemon Diamond?

free dialga free dialga free dialga ????????????????????????????what do you mean free dialga???????????????????????