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After you defeat all 16 Gym Leaders, Professor Oak will give you HM08 Rock Climb if you go talk to him in his lab in Pallet Town.

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Q: In hgss where do you get hm 08 rock climb?
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How do you get rock climb from Pokemon HeartGold?

Beat Blue and go to Professor Oak in Pallet Town. He gives HM 08- Rock Climb to you.

How do you get the Pokemon move to scale the wall on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You're talking about HM 08 Rock Climb. You get Rock Climb when you get all 8 Kanto Badges. After this, Professor Oak gives this HM to you.

Where is hm 8 in Pokemon diamond?

Hm 08, Rock Climb, is behind a man's house in the snow on route 217.

How do you scale a wall in pokèmon spul silver?

HM08 Rock Climb can be found south of Snowpoint city on Rout 217. If you stick to the left side of Route 217, you should come across a house. The HM Rock Climb should be hidden somewhere right of the house.

Where do you get HM rock climb for a Pokemon?

You find HM rock climb on route 217.

In Pokemon pearl how much hm?

There are 8 HM's: Hm 01: Cut Hm 02: Fly Hm 03: Surf Hm 04: Strength Hm 05: Defog Hm 06: Rock Smash Hm 07: Waterfall Hm 08: Rock Climb

Which hm is to climb walls in heart gold?

Rock Climb. HM 8

Where To Get The HM Rock Climb?

The HM Rock climb can be found on route 217. The icicle Gym badge is required to use Rock climb outside of battle.

How many HM in Pokemon Silver?

There are 9 HMs HM:01 Cut HM:02 Fly HM:03 Surf HM:04 Strength HM:05 Flash HM:06 Whirlpool HM:07 Waterfall HM:08 Rock Smash HM:09 Rock Climb

Where is rock climb on Pokemon Platinum?

HM 08 (Rock Climb) is on the west side of Route 217, (the route south of Snowpoint), behind the house. If you talk to the man inside the house after getting the HM, he should give you the Icicle Plate.

How do you scale rocks in heartgold?

You get Hm 08 rock climb from Professor oak after getting all 16 bagdes

Is rock climb is a TM or HM in platinum?

It is an HM.