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You're talking about HM 08 Rock Climb. You get Rock Climb when you get all 8 Kanto Badges. After this, Professor Oak gives this HM to you.

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Q: How do you get the Pokemon move to scale the wall on Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Which move in Pokemon emerald can scale the rocks wall?

rock climb

How do you get your Pokemon to scale the rock wall on pokemon platuinm?

Teach them the HM move Rock Climb

How do you get the move to scale a wall on Pokemon soul sliver?

beat all 16 badges and talk to profeser oak

Where should you get Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can get it at EB games wall-mart zellers and stors like that

How do you get the Pokemon move to scale the wall on Pokemon pearl?

On the way to Snowpoint city there will be a hiker in his house who claims he has ost the hidden machine Rock climb. The Hm is just behind his house in a pokeball

What move in Pokemon lets a Pokemon scale a wall?

you cant actually climb walls but if you mean the rocky walls that's rock climb which you get from professor oak once you get access to mount silver

How do you Rock Climb in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you get the HM Rock Climb, and a Pokemon knows it, you can approach a rocky wall, press A, and you will scale the wall.

What is TM to scale wall in Pokemon platinum?

rock climb XD

How do you scale a rocky wall in pokemon pearl?

You'll need to teach a Pokemon the HM Rock Slide, which is located on Route 217, and then press A on the rocky wall and the Pokemon will slide up or downwards of it.

What do you do after the power plant in Pokemon SoulSilver?

After you get the pokeflute you turn it on and go to the sleeping snorlax and it wall wake up you will be able to fight it at level 50

How do you get the Pokemon move to scale the wall on Pokemon platinum?

On the way to Snowpoint City. Behind a cottage on the way, you will find the HM Rock Climb. You can use that once you beat the seventh gym leader Candice. She uses Ice-Type Pokemon so have some good Fire-Types in your party!

What move makes you go very rocky wall in Pokemon heartgold?

rock climb