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You get Hm 08 rock climb from Professor oak after getting all 16 bagdes

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Q: How do you scale rocks in heartgold?
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Where do you get a heartscale in HeartGold?

You can find some in the north of Cianwood City, just use Rock Smash on the rocks there and you might find a Heart Scale!!

Where can you get a Heart Scale in Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver?

You can smash rocks randomly to try to get one. If you don't want to go through trial and error, you can earn 1000 points in the Pokeathlon and trade them for a Heart Scale.

How can you get a razor scale in HeartGold?

no such thing

Where do you get fossels in Pokemon HeartGold?

in rocks you smash

What is the scale of hardness for rocks?

Mohs scale.

How do you get past the ice path on HeartGold?

just use the rocks!

How do you get amber HeartGold?

You snash rocks to find old anber.

Where do you find the guy that likes the red scale in heartgold?

mr. Pokemon

How do you get old ember in HeartGold?

rock smash any rocks that can be smashed.

What scale used to mesure the hardness of rocks?

Moh's scale.

What is the hardness scale while testing rocks?

The Mohs Scale

What does a dragon scale do in HeartGold?

If a Seadra is traded while holding a dragon scale, the receiver will experience it's evolution into Kingdra.