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it smothers the fire cutting it off from oxygen which is needed in order to burn. most commonly they use styrofoam cause its denser

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Q: In a fire triangle why is water so effective in fighting fires?
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Why is water is good tool for fighting most fires?

water removes fuel and heat from the fire triangle

How can the electrical conductivity of water be reduced when fighting fire with water. So as to reduce the chances of getting electrocuted?

Never ever even think of fighting electrical fires with water. Somebody (probably you) will likely get electrocuted.

What is good against rock Pokemon?

Super-effective against rock: Water, grass, fighting, steel, ground Rock is not very effective against: Fighting, steel, ground

What is kabutops weakness in Pokemon pearl?

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What is super effective against rock Pokemon?

Alot... Ground, Grass, Water And Fighting

What fire fighting equipment do you use for nonelectrical fires?

Extinguishers rated Type A which can be water based. These are not effective (and cause more harm than good) with B and C fires which are chemical ( such as gasoline fuels, and electrical- these must be snuffed out with Co-2 or other non-water-based extinguishers. an all-purpose fire extinguisher- equally effective on A B and C blazes, has yet to be developed but some are primarily for BC fires ( gas, chemical electrical) with SOME effect on class A blazes- which are normally dousable with Water. Contact a fire-extinguisher manufacturer or supplier for more info- fire prevention is a matter for us all.

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Water, grass, fighting, ground, and steel types are super effective against rock types.

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What Pokemon super effective against rock and bug type Pokemon?

Water and Grass are 4x effective and Ice, Fighting, Ground and Steel are 2x effective!

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Super effective occurs when you are fighting a Pokemon that is a different element than you that gives you a bonus hit. This element has to be the other pokemons weakness. An example would be water Pokemon vs fire Pokemon, the water Pokemon would have a super effect on the fire Pokemon however, the fire Pokemon won't be as super effective.

What is effective against normal Pokémons?

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What Pokemon types are most effective against rock Pokemon other than water?

my bro and i went on to Google images and looked up 'what is the best Pokemon type' and a graph came up witch realy helped and we figured out that water is the best all up and grass is the worst all up using the graph and i lost the graph so just follow my insructions i just gave u and u should be good! :) happy to help:)