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Since cranidos is a rock type Pokemon, any Pokemon that can learn a water, grass, fighting, steel, or ground type move can be super-effective against it.

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Q: What Pokemon are super effective on cranidos?
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What is cranidos's weakness?

Cranidos is a Rock Type. This means that Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel type moves are super effective.

What type of Pokemon is cranidos?

Cranidos is a Rock type pokemon.

Is it possible to breed a Cranidos that has the ability huge power?

It is not possible to breed a Cranidos in Pokemon, until and unless you have hacked it. The games allows Cranidos to have two super powers of mold breaker, and sheer force and does not allow for huge power.

Where is cranidos fossil on Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot get a Skull Fossil (Cranidos) in Pokemon HeartGold.

Is Fire super effective to Psychic Pokemon?

No. Ghost and Dark is super effective to Psychic Pokemon. Fire is super effective to Grass, Steel, Bug, and Ice.

What Pokemon is super effective on ghost Pokemon?

Ghost and Dark attacks are super effective against Ghost type pokemon.

On Pokemon ruby what is Steel super effective against?

Steel is super effective against rock type pokemon.

How do you beat Cheren in Pokemon White?

using super effective Pokemon against his' Pokemon you'll need a super effective Pokemon against his starter but you don't need to win with super effective Pokemon just stock up on potions that's what I do.

On Pokemon indigo where do you get cranidos?

You can find Cranidos in Cerulean City where Misty is.

What is super effective against poison types?

ground type Pokemon are super effective against poison type Pokemon.

How do you be Cranidos in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

As a starter Pokemon you can not be a cranidos in Pokemon mystery dungeon. The only way you can be a cranidos is if you recruit on and make it your leader when you assemble your team at chimecho's assembly after beating dialga

Is water Pokemon super effective on thunder Pokemon?

no it is not