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No, the Gladiator Beast monster must successfully declare an attack and survive until the end of the Battle Phase when you would send the back to deck for another monster. Here's some additional rules to Gladiator Beasts for the offical site, The effect of the "Gladiator Beast" monsters that says, "At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card attacked or was attacked, you can return it to the Deck…", returning the "Gladiator Beast" monster to the Deck is a cost to activate the effect.

If you do not have any "Gladiator Beast" monsters remaining in your Deck that you can Special Summon, you cannot activate the effect of the "Gladiator Beast" monster that attacked or was attacked. For example, if "Gladiator Beast Murmillo" attacks or is attacked and the only "Gladiator Beast" monster remaining in your Deck is another copy of "Gladiator Beast Murmillo", you could not activate the effect of "Gladiator Beast Murmillo" at the end of the Battle Phase.

If a "Gladiator Beast" monster attacks or is attacked during the Battle Phase and the "Gladiator Beast" monster becomes flipped face-down by an effect during the Battle Phase, even if the "Gladiator Beast" monster is flipped face-up before the end of the Battle Phase its effect to Special Summon another "Gladiator Beast" monster cannot be activated.

"Divine Wrath" can be chained to the effect that returns the "Gladiator Beast" to the Deck. The effect will be negated, but the "Gladiator Beast" monster will not be destroyed because it is in the Deck.

If 2 or more "Gladiator Beast" monsters attack or are attacked during the Battle Phase, at the end of the Battle Phase the effect of each "Gladiator Beast" monster can be activated. The effects will activate and resolve separately. They are not combined onto the same Chain.

You can return face-down "Gladiator Beast" monsters to your Deck to Special Summon a "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monster, but you must show your opponent the "Gladiator Beast" monsters to verify that they are correct.

If you take control of your opponent's "Gladiator Beast" monster and attack with it during the Battle Phase, you can return it to your opponent's Deck to Special Summon a "Gladiator Beast" monster from your Deck if you have a "Gladiator Beast" monster in your Deck that you can Special Summon..

You can use a "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monster when Special Summoning another "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monster. The "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monster that you use for the Special Summon is returned to your Extra Deck.

You can activate "Torrential Tribute", "Bottomless Trap Hole", etc. when a "Gladiator Beast" monster is Special Summoned at the end of the Battle Phase.

If a "Gladiator Beast" monster attacks and its attack is stopped with a card effect ("Gravity Bind", "Spellbinding Circle", "Enemy Controller", etc.) or is negated during the Battle Step, the "Gladiator Beast" monster cannot activate its effect at the end of the Battle Phase.

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Q: In Yu-Gi-Oh If your gladiator beasts are destroyed by battle can you return them to the deck?
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Does Gladiator Beast Laquari's effect activate even if destroyed by battle in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, Gladiator Beasts must survive battle, for them to activate any of their 'if this card attacked or was attacked' effects.

Will gladiator beast secutors effect activate if he is destroyed?

Gladiator Beasts have to fulfill two criteria before they can use their 'tag in' effect. The battle must have reached the Damage Step (so they cannot trigger if the attack target was destroyed before that) and the Gladiator Beast monster must survive the battle.

When can you contact fuse with gladiator beasts?

Gladiator Beasts don't "Contact Fuse" Only Neo-Spacians do. This term was coined because of the time that Gladiator Beasts were brought into the game, and their style of play. Had they come out shortly after the XYZ fusions, perhaps they would be called something else.But Gladiator Beast Fusions can be fused at any time during the turn player's main phases, so long as the monsters are successfully summoned to the field, and not destroyed upon summoning.

Is there a code to get the sacred beasts in yugioh gx duel academy?

no there isn't

Can you use the effect of gladiator beasts during your opponents turn?

Yes. A Gladiator Beast's effect can activate during the end of any Battle Phase, as long as it attacked or was attacked, and has survived the Damage Step. If this occurred during your opponent's turn, you may return the Gladiator Beast to the Deck and Special Summon another one whenever your opponent declares the conclusion of his/her Battle Phase.

How do you get the crystal beasts in yugioh 5ds worldchampionship 2010?

get the card pack force of the breaker

How do you get crystal beast monsters?

by a Jesse starter deck for yugioh gx. it will have crystal beasts

If gladiator beast attacks can it use its effect?

Depends. If you're talking about their ability to tag back into the deck and summon a new one, remember this happens during the 'end of the battle phase' and as such, no more attacks can be decared at or after this time.

Are the effects of gladiator beasts negated when they are special summoned by the effect of Gladiator Beast Darius?

Yes, like GB Darius says they are. Any continuous effect they have will never 'switch on', any Trigger or Ignition Effect they have will be negated on resolution. This includes when they battle and try to shuffle back into deck at the end of the battle phase, this effect will be negated too.

In which episode does gladiator beasts appears in yu gi oh gx?

i don´t no!

Which booster pack can you find gladiator beasts in?

you can get them in gladiators assault.i also got a gladiator beast samnite from crimson crises once but i think that's the only gladiator beast you get in crimson crises

Can you fuse gladiator beast from your hand?

No. Gladiator Beasts must be on the field to Contact Fuse. When the appropriate Fusion Materials are on the field, you can return them to your Deck to Fusion Summon the appropriate Gladiator Beast Fusion Monster.