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You go to Fuego ironworks then use the poke radar there and it should appear in the grass.

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From Fuego Ironworks using Pokéradar.

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Q: In Pokemon platinum where do you find aron?
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Where can you get aron on Pokemon platinum?

You'll find it in Fuego Ironworks, must use the Pokeradar.

How do you evolve aron on Pokemon Platinum?

Aron evolves into Lairon at level 32.

How do youget aron on Pokemon platinum?

you dont

How do you get aggron in Pokemon platinum?

Train Aron.

Where can you find aron the Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

You can find Aron only in Diamond.

How do you catch aron in Pokemon platinum?

fuego ironwoks (use poke radar)

Where do you find an Aron in Pokemon emerald?

Aron is found in the Granite Cave.

Where can Aron be found in Pokemon platinum?

iron island after u get the national dex not complete it

How can you fight in Flamerny City Gym if there's aron in the door Pokemon light platinum?


Where do you find aron in Pokemon HeartGold?

Lairon thrive in the Safari Zone. Breed to get Aron.

How do you get a shiny Aron in Pokemon sapphire?

You have a 1/8000 chances to see any shiny Pokemon find an area where you can find Aron alot and wait until its shiny then catch it.

How do you find Aron in Pokemon black?

You cannot, you have to trade from white