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You can find Aron only in Diamond.

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Q: Where can you find aron the Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?
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Which patch of grass do you find aron in Pokemon pearl?

You can't find Aron in Pearl, you must trade from D/Pt/R/S/E.

Where to get an aron in Pokemon pearl?

you can only find one on diamond near the fuego iron workes

On Pokemon diamon Pearl emerld ruby what level does Aron evolve at?

Aron evolves at level 32.

Where do you find an Aron in Pokemon emerald?

Aron is found in the Granite Cave.

How do you get an Aron in Pokemon Pearl?

You must get the national pokedex first then go to iron island

Where do you find aron in Pokemon HeartGold?

Lairon thrive in the Safari Zone. Breed to get Aron.

How do you get aron on pearl?

In Pokemon RSE you find Aron in the cave by Dewford(forgot what it was called).

How do you evolve Aron in Pokemon pearl?

found out the answer myself lol lvl 34 at elite four

How do you catch Aaron in Pokemon Pearl?

You cannot catch Aron in pokémon pearl, as it is exclusive to pokémon diamond. the only way to obtain this is to trade it from another compatible Pokemon game.

How do you evolve aaron in Pokemon pearl?

Do you mean Aron? If so, then it's by level, but I don't know which level.

How do you get a shiny Aron in Pokemon sapphire?

You have a 1/8000 chances to see any shiny Pokemon find an area where you can find Aron alot and wait until its shiny then catch it.

In Pokemon Pearl where do you find Dialga?

you do not find dialga in Pokemon pearl