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special rend and roar of time special rend and roar of time special rend and roar of time REAL ANSWER

none of those are real the move set is splash,tackle,& flail.

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Q: In Pokemon platinum what is Magikarp' s move set?
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How do you get a Pokemon from a Pokemon card to your Pokemon platinum?

you cant,but you can catch the Pokemon on your card, and teach it the move set

Why Magikarp is so useless?

because its move set is bad

Can anyone give me a full six member team for Pokemon platinum with move set they can be from kanto or hoen or Sinnoh Pokemon no ledgenderies please?


How do you get the second set of starter Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

There isn't a second set of starters.

In Pokemon platinum your torterra wants to learn crunch and now his move set is earthquake bite mega drain razor leaf which move shall he forget?


Where is phione in Pokemon platinum?

Phione has no location. It is the result of trying to breed a Manaphy.It has a similer move set, but lacks Heart Swap and etc.

What is the perfet move set for Skarmorny in Pokemon platinum?

A good moveset for a Skarmory (Impish nature is the best for this set) would be: Brave Bird/ Roost/ Stealth Rock/ Whirlwind

What pack of Pokemon cards can you get Palkia?

Try the platinum set

How do i set cheats on Pokemon platinum?

you have to buy an action replay.

On Pokemon platinum where can you see a quilfish?

To Catch A Quilfish,You must Go To Canalave City And Go On The Boat And Set Sail To Iron Island.When You Get There,use your fishing rod and use it in the water.OF COURSE you won't immediately catch it,there will be other Pokemon like Gyarados,Magikarp,etc. HAPPY CATCHING!

What region is Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum are all set in the Sinnoh Region

How do you set your clock back in Pokemon platinum?

change the clock on your ds.

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