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you give it massages and poffins and stuff like that and give it proyiens and berries plus dont let it feint in battle

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Q: In Pokemon how do you grow friendship levels?
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What is a high friendship level in Pokemon peal?

It is when they have two hearts that grow and shrink.

How do you evolve Togepi on pokemon daimond?

To evolve Togepi, you need to make it have the highest possible friendship. Friendship points are gained when you walk with Togepi in your pack, make Togepi grow levels, or give Togepi items. Once it's friendship level is maxed out, make it grow a level and it will evolve into Togetic. You can make Togetic evolve by giving it a shiny stone on it. It will evolve into Togekiss.

How do you use friendship checker in Pokemon diamond?

press your stylus over the Pokemon you wanna check your friendship with one heart - ok two hearts - good two hearts that grow - excellent

In Pokemon battle arena how do you get your Pokemon grow levels?

your Pokemon aren't supposed to gain exp points in the battle arena

Can a Pokemon evolve in the day care center in Pokemon fire red?

no, Pokemon don't evolve there they jut grow levels

Where to grow Easy levels on Pokemon diamond?

train in victory road. that's what i do

Does the pokewalker grow your Pokemon levels?

yes depending on how long you walk,your pokemon's level goes up by one

Do rare candies build up friandship friendship?

No, rare candies only builds up the level of a Pokemon and when a Pokemon levels up, the stats go up.

On Pokemon indigo online where is leafeon?

attatch a leaf stone and grow 10 levels

What does pokerous do on Pokemon?

it makes them happier and lets them grow levels faster. PS you can spread it by putting other Pokemon in your party.

How do you know how happy your pokemon is in Pokemon Platinum?

In the Pokemon Centre located in Eterna City, a girl on the right hand side will give you the Poketch app "Friendship Checker" when you talk to her. To use it, simply tap and hold on the pokemon you wish to check. Maximum friendship is depicted by 2 hearts which grow bigger after a second.

Where is the friendship rater in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pallet Town Daisy Gary's sister will check your pokemon's friendship.