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go into the gym and a guy might bump into you, either way, just go to the square of water in the middle and press A!!!!!!!!

I tried this and all it said was, "do you want to surf?"

--Yeah it does ask you to surf but since the square of water is 4 units, press A on the top left one. u can surf or u can just walk around to it and press A. =P

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Q: In Pokemon crystal version where do i find the missing piece from the power plant in cerulean city?
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Were is strong wobbufett in Pokemon Crystal version?

The strongest Wobbuffet you can find in crystal version are in Cerulean Cave, they might be a little hard to find though

Where is bill house in pokemon crystal version?

goldenrod city and kanto by cerulean city(route 25)

How do you get missing no in Pokemon Crystal?

You cant only on blue version red yellow and green

In Pokemon Crystal Version what is the second Pokemon you need to show Bill's grandpa North of Cerulean City?

Oddish Try finding one in route 24 but they only come out at night

How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

How do you get the missing piece to the power plant in silver version?

in the cerulean city gym

Why is misty not at the gym in Pokemon soulsilver version?

Misty is at the Cerulean Cape. It's close to Cerulean City.

How do you trade from crystal to crystal?

To trade Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal version to another version of Crystal you need to use a link cable. You can also battle this way.

Where is the missing piece for power plant in Pokemon gold version?

inthe cerulean gym,at some floats but first u have 2 find that team rocket dude and battle him.

Where do you find Heracross in Pokemon Crystal Version?

In Pokemon Crystal Version, a Heracross will occasionally appear when you use headbutt on trees.

What is the last version of Pokemon in GBC?

Crystal version.

How do you get a electric stone in crystal version?

you have to talk to bills dad NNE of cerulean city he will give you a stone for showing him a Pokemon. the first Pokemon is lickingtongue but im not sure what stone he gives you first just keep showing him the Pokemon he asks for and you will get it eventually