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go to pewter town and talk to old man by the way if heading to cerulean. he will give you rainbow wing now go to tower in earck

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Q: How do you find ho ho in Pokemon crystal version?
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Can you find ho-ho in Pokemon crystal version?


How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon crystal version?


Is there an Articuno in Pokemon Crystal?

No there is not a Articuno in Crystal version butt there is the 3 legendary dogs and ho oh and lugia

How can you capture ho ho in Pokemon emerald version?

You can get Ho-oh only in Gold, Silver and Crystal versions. Cheating is the only way in Emerald

How do you find ho oh in Pokemon crystal?

You can find it at the top of the Tin Tower

What legendary Pokemon can you catch in crystal version?

Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi.

Who is ho ho ho?

there is no Pokemon called ho ho ho but there is one called ho ho who is in Pokemon crystal/gold

Where can you find fly ho in Pokemon Crystal shards?

Assuming you mean the hm fly on Pokemon crystal, you get it from the lady out side of Cindawood gym.

How do you get Ho-oh as a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

you cant

Where do you catch ho-oh on pokemon yellow?

You can't find Ho-oh on Pokemon Yellow or any other version that is based in Johto but I think you can get it in a trade.

Why does Pokemon Crystal not include Mewtwo?

Crystal does not have Mewtwo. Instead it has Ho-oh after you beat the Pokemon league.

What is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal?

Ho-oh or Lugia is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal. Tyranitar would be third strongest.