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Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi.

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Q: What legendary Pokemon can you catch in crystal version?
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How do you catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black version?

You catch them with a ultra ball

Where can you catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon amethyst version?

you must die

Easy way to get all the legendary dogs on Pokemon crystal?

catch them

Can you catch the legendary dogs at night in Pokemon crystal?

yes if you can find them

Can you catch Remoraid in Pokemon Crystal version?


How many legendary Pokemon can you catch on diamond version?


How do you catch the legendary birds in Pokemon crystal?

just using a cheat. haha

Does it have to be day time or night time to catch the legendary dogss in Pokemon crystal?

It doesn't matter when you catch them.

Where do you catch Red Gyarados?

In Pokemon Crystal version, you catch it at the Lake of Rage.

In Pokemon crystal what happens if you catch all three legendary Pokemon?

You are stronger of cource by pecy Jackson

Where can you find shiny Pokemon on crystal version?

You could get a shiny Pokemon for crystal but you need luck to catch one ("_")

Where can you easy to catch a Pokemon ghastly in Pokemon Crystal version?

From the sprout tower at night.