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i dont really know :)

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Q: In Pokemon can you start a new game after you do the mystery gift?
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How is mystery gift used on Pokemon firered?

You have to save your game and then turn you console off. Then turn your console back on and set up your Pokemon game. Before you start your game under 'New Game' its says mystery gift. You can only use the mystery gift if you have a connection cable for your gameboy.

How do you get rid of the mystery gift feature on Pokemon pearl or diamond?

You can't. Once you do Mystery Gift, the only way is to delete you game and start over...

Can you start a new game after doing mystery gift?

Yes it will,But if you can try and transfer the mystery gifts with Pokemon (not sure) then your fine.

How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon diamond via wireless?

you have to go to the main menu where it says start game new game mystery gift (if u have it) and u have to click on mystery gift but 3 other people within a 10m radius have to do it too.

How do you get a Pokemon from the mystery gift on soul silver?

you get mystery gift it automatically after you get the pokedex in the game. try going to to find out what pokemon event is going on through mystery gift.

Where is mystery gift?

Mystery gift is in the starting menu of the game. You scroll down under START GAME all the way, and you should find mystery gift.

Pokemon platinum how do you get the mystery gift through wifi?

start your Pokemon game go to the head menu go down from start game to wifi settings and set it to something nearby, wait for a day with a mystery gift to come along then go down to mystery gift in the menu and click on it and then click on via wifi P.S mystery gift option wont appear until you get it from the guy in the jubilife city tv station.

How do you use the mystery gift for the game Pokemon Fire-Red when you?

You what?

How do you get mystery gift on Pokemon Heart Gold?

I think it comes with it when you start the game, if it does, it's at the menu screen before you start playing, hit down on the D Pad until you go under "CONNECT TO POKeWALKER" and "MYSTERY GIFT" will be there

What is mystery gift?

Mystery Gift is a option that appears on the Pokemon start screen where you would normally see the "Continue" option just below "New Game". It is used to receive items or Pokemon from Nintendo Sponsored Events.You can Activate Mystery Gift by going to the Jubilife TV Center, Go to the second floor, There a man will ask you What you think of TV, Tell him this: "EVERYONE HAPPY" & "WI-FI CONNECTION" and he say he will pull some strings and get you Mystery Gift. Save you game and the next time you go to the start screen, you should have Mystery Gift.

Where do you get mystery gift in Pokemon pearl?

to get mystery gifts you have to go to events on Nintendo wifi if you have already got a mystery gift in game then go to a pokemart

Where do you get Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sapphire?

get it from the pokemart write link together with all and that's how you get the mystery gift and save your game too