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Talk with the guy in the fanclub in Vermilion. He has the doll and will give it to you.

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Q: In Pokemon Gold how do you get copycats doll?
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How do you find copycats doll?

Go to the Pokemon fan club- someone will have it there.

How do you get the copycats doll on Pokemon SoulSilver?

fix the power plant problem,then go to the pokefan house in vermillion city,and talk to the guy and you obtain the doll.

Where are the trains in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in golden rod city and in saffron city but you need to find the copycats doll to get a ticket for it

Where can you find lapras in Pokemon Gold?

Once you have found Copycats doll in the pokemon fan club, and you leave the Fan Club, a man will run up to you, telling you about it. You will then be able to see Lapras on the map, just like Entei and Raikou

Were in vermilion city do i find copycats doll in heart gold?

You will find it on the table at the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the person at the table and tell him about Copycat lesing her Clefairy Doll. He wil give it to you. after you return it to Copycat in Saffron City, she will give you a pass for the Magnet Train.

Where is the copycats lost doll?

at lt. surges city is go to the Pokemon fan club and talk to the fat guy in the middle of the room

Where is copycats doll in heartgold?

in the vermilion fan club

How do you get through the goldenrod tunnel?

If your meaning using the train, then you have to go to Saffron city and find copycats doll which is located in vermillion city at the pokemon fan club.

How do you find out that the copycat has lost her clefairy doll in Pokemon silver?

Aftnr u found the machine part for the powerplant speak to the copycats parents then speak to the copycat

Why wont copycat say she has a missing doll Pokemon gold?

In Pokemon Gold, the Copycat Girl will give the player the rail pass when they give her a doll. The doll can be obtained from a member of the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City.

On Pokemon Gold where do you get the rail pass?

After giving the machine part to the power plant ( the machine part is in the cerulean city gym in the water) go to saffron city and go into the copycats house( near the magnet train) then talk to the copycat she will ask you to get her doll. Go to vermillion city and go in the Pokemon fan club inside a guy is hanging out with a clefairy, its a doll, talk to the guy and he will give it to you. Finally deliver the doll to the copycat and you have the rail pass.

How do you get copycats doll in heartgold?

talk to one of the people in the vermlion fan club