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once you have donated enough money at any time the monk will tell you about the harvest benifactor, after that donate between 12 and 1pm

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Q: In Fable 2 when is the correct time to donate to the temple of light?
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If You Donate heavily to the temple of light will it reduce age in Fable 2?

There's no way to reduce age in Fable 2.

When do you donate to the temple of light in Fable 2?

im pretty sure you do it after you finish the game if not pretty late in the game

How do you remove scars in Fable 2?

yes you are supposed to look for a potion I think it is in knought hole you have to download it

How do you get the Rising Sun in Fable 2?

Go to the Temple of Light and donate some gold. The monk there will advise you to come back at a peak time and donate a large amount. Come back between the hours of noon and 1pm and donate 10,000 gold. You should receive the Rising Sun immediately after.

How come on Fable 2 quest donating money to the temple of light i did that but it still says you have to donate why?

If you are trying to get the sword, you have to do it at noon. Watch the circle of light that moves through the room. When it is directly over the middle of the floor, submit your donation.

What region is the Temple of Light in on Fable 2?

It is in Oakfield. On the North side. :)

What is the pause menu song in Fable 2 called?

The Temple Of Light

What is a cultist in Fable 2?

A cultist in Fable 2 is usually someone who has either joined the Dark or the Light. This depends on how many sacrifices you have made to the Temple of Shadows or how many donations you have put in at the Temple of Light.

On fable two how do you complete he 'donate to temple of light' quest?

Once it is destroyed, it is too late to donate. You also can't be a member of the Temple of Shadows. To donate, you must go to the temple anytime before you leave to go to the Spire, but after you recuit to Hero of Strength.

Can do you check your age in fable 2?

You cannot find your age any where on the game, but you can follow it through the story, the age is not told if you sacrifice your age to the shadow court.

Can you get younger in Fable 2?

***SPOILER ALERT*** When you beat the game, go to the Brightwood Tower and buy it. After you buy it, sleep in a bed for at least six hours. When you wake up, you will appear younger.

Is there a way to get both legendary swords in fable?

Yes. As long as you don't destroy a temple before you get the sword, you can. I got the sword from the Shadow Temple, then from the Temple of Light. The one from the Temple of Light I went and got at the end of the game, after I beat Lucien.