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So before you go to the spire you get a new quest called Saving the Light or something...So you go to the temple of light and talk to the monk and you go into the Wellspring to kill all the Shadoworshipers inside the Wellspring... Then when you go to the spire and come back home you'll notice that the temple is all rebulit and cool...Also then you can buy the Temple of Light if you want to.... Love TinTan

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Q: How get rebuild the temple of light on Fable 2?
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What region is the Temple of Light in on Fable 2?

It is in Oakfield. On the North side. :)

What is the pause menu song in Fable 2 called?

The Temple Of Light

How do you rebuild the temple of light in Fable 2 after you have been to the spire?

If you have been to the Spire, you can't. Before the Spire, you can do Defender of the Light or Oakfield Massacre. If you do Oakfield Massacre or don't do either, the Temple of Light is destroyed. If you do Defender of the Light, then The Temple of light is saved and the temple of shadows is destroyed.

If You Donate heavily to the temple of light will it reduce age in Fable 2?

There's no way to reduce age in Fable 2.

What is a cultist in Fable 2?

A cultist in Fable 2 is usually someone who has either joined the Dark or the Light. This depends on how many sacrifices you have made to the Temple of Shadows or how many donations you have put in at the Temple of Light.

When do you donate to the temple of light in Fable 2?

im pretty sure you do it after you finish the game if not pretty late in the game

Can you destroy a town in Fable 2?

No but you can destroy the temple of light by doing a quest after you come out of the crucible called the Oakfield massacre.

Is there a temple of yokels in fable?

Not in the original Fable, or Fable, the Lost Chapters. There is one in Fable 2, located in Bloodstone (it is the start point of the quest "T.O.B.Y", and is not a real temple, just a house (You can buy it later on in the game))

In Fable 2 how do you unlock to the temple of shadows?

After you have defeated Dash and his bandits in rookridge (the mission will be avalible after you have visited the temple of light) a man will stand outside the temple, talk to him, eat the crunchy chickens he gives you and you will become a member

How do you get monk robes in Fable 2?

theres a clothing stall in oakfield where u can buy the monks robe that look like the temple of light monks theres also a temple of shadows monks robe in the temple of shadows

How do you remove scars in Fable 2?

yes you are supposed to look for a potion I think it is in knought hole you have to download it

How do you buy a temple in Fable 2?

you can only buy 1 of them the temple of shadows or the temple of light to buy the temple of light you have to complete the defender of the light quest and once you come back from the spire go to the temple of light in will be a better place and you can buy it for 100,ooo gold the temple of shadows im not sure about if anybody knows for sure please post how to buy the temple of shadows as a comment