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if you mean different types of fireboy and watergirl then yes! there has been a new one released called the light temple (the second one) and the first is the forest temple!

hope i helped!

Talia (pronounced Ta-Lee-Ya)

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Q: Are there other fire boy and water girl games?
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What is site is water girl and fire boy on?

addicting games

What are some good two player games?

fire and ice is one and plus fireboy and water girl the 2nd

What are two element in The Hunger Games?

Fire because Katniss is the "Girl on fire" Water because it is essential to survival, even more so thn food.

In the hunger games why is katniss' slogan fitting for her?

Fire is catching, and if we burn you burn with us!

Is their symbolism of fire in The Hunger Games?

Yes. Katniss is the 'Girl on Fire' who is the face of rebellion, which is also metaphorically referred to as fire.

Are there any games like Superbia?

Habbo is like a chatting game, but there is loads more -ClubpenguinPanfuMiniclipKiziChapatizFrivVirtual games like superbiaFantageClub penguinMoshi MonstersFrivSlimberDevianartif you have 2 players there is water girl and fire boy

Does Katniss become know as the girl on fire in the hunger games?

Yes she does because when she enters her suit is on fire

How do you get to the next stage in the app the girl on fire?

pour water on it

How many points do you have to get to be on level two of the hunger games girl on fire?


What happens when you beat fire boy and water girl?

nohing happens

What are the injuries Katniss had in the hunger games and why was it ironic?

katniss got sever burns during a fire the gamesmakers set. this is ironic because she is know as the girl on fire or fire girl because her costume for the opening ceremonies was on fire, he stylist did this to make her noticeable. it was safety fire.

Who was the people that Peeta Mellark killed in the hunger games?

foxface and the girl that started a fire