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In the Mage Tower, a Desire Demon has entranced a Templar. Should you choose to fight her, you will have to kill the Templar also, and he has the Templar Armor.

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Q: In Dragon Age Origins how do you get the Templar armor?
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How do you get dragon armor in dragon age origins?

You need to kill Drakes or Dragons. Wade in Denerim can make armour out of them.

Can you get a dragon in Dragon Age Origins?

You can not get a real dragon on your team. You can however, kill the dragons, get dragon scales, and visit Master Wade in Denerim and he will make you dragon armor.

Do you need Xbox live to use the blood dragon armor in dragon age origins?

You some how you have to download it from but i think this is PC only.

In Dragon Age Origins how do you get the Templar Specialization?

You can either buy a Manual that unlocks it, from Bodahn in the party camp, or with high enough approval rating, you can get Alistair to teach it to you.

When will dragon age origins come out?

it won't dragon aren't real and what is dragon age origins

Is dragon age origins for PS3?

Dragon Age Origins is for PS3, Xbox-360, And PC.

How much longer will the blood dragon armor be available for dragon age origins?

You can get it when ever you want i don't think it expires but i think its for PC only, but you gotta have to find that out for yourself.

Is dragon age origins online?

The answer is yes. Dragon Age Origins is downloadable to PC through this site: As well as a few others most likely : )

What are the warrior specializations in dragon age?

They are - Champion, Templar, Berserker, Reaver.

Do you have to have the original Dragon Age Origins to play Dragon Age Origins Awakening?

Yes, because Awakenings is an expansion to Origins

What is the best equipment in Dragon Age Origins?

This are the best armors in the game : Cailan's armor (return to ostagar dlc) blood dragon armor (collector edition) grey warden armor (warden's keep) Dragon scale armor

What is better Mario or dragon age origins?

Dragon age orgins dude.