Is dragon age origins two player?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is dragon age origins two player?
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Is there a rogue in dragon age origins?

Two if your just counting companions if your counting yourself three but only if you picked rouge for your class.

Do you have to play dragon age origins to get the story of dragon age two?

nope... not really. Dragon age 2 has a different plot, time and character. for example. DAO was about 1 year long. DA2 is 10. You might want to know the basics, though. darkspawn (evil mosters) caused a blight, (first games plot) and you ran away. later on after the blight, you will meet the king or queen. You could decide who that is in origins. but if you know a little bout dragon age you wont need to play it to play DA2. How you casn import your origins game if you had want, not nesscerey tho. Dragon age is an awesome game, so enjoy :D Hope this helps. -blue (a.k.a dragon age junkie)

How do you get the 250 damage in one hit on dragon age origins?

Two suggested options are a mage's Mana Clash against another mage, or the Rogue's Arrow of Slaying.

Is Dragon Age Origins like Oblivion?

Apart from both being 3D RPGs set in a fantasy world, the two games have almost no similarities between each other.

How do you find orghen in dragon age origins?

two places after you see him arguing with a noble he will be in the tavern or when harromont or behlen sends you to the deep roads when you get near the enterence ohgren will come up to you.

What is the name of the software company that released Dragon Age?

There were two companies that were responsible for Dragon Age. They are the Canadian developer team BioWare, and Electronic Arts which published the game.

Will there be a third dragon age game?

First of all, awakening wasn't the second game, it was gust some dlc. They are currently making Dragon age two though.

Are there any two player Spyro games?

dawn of the dragon and skylanders seris

What is the best sword in dragon age origins?

For one-handed swords, Keening Blade, obtained by killing Gaxkang the Unbound. For two-handed swords, The Summer Sword, obtained by killing Ser Cauthrien. With the Watcher's Keep DLC, Starfang is worth a mention, and can be forged as either a one-handed or two-handed blade.

In Dragon ball raging blast is the world tournament mode only two player?


When does the game dragon age two come out?

March 7 2011 in US and March 11 2011 in the rest of the world.

What 2 dragon make soccer dragon on Dragon City?

An Ice dragon, and fire dragon I have two!