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well, it depends. Which one do you need? (because i only have a Groudon from embedded tower and Kyogre that is not :P) Ironically, i need a Kyogre from embedded tower too. Anyway, my FC is 0689 7505 9758. I'm gonna need yours too if we're gonna do the trade. (BTW: i already have an Arceus, lol. but i could settle for a different Pokemon.)

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Q: Ill trade you a arceas for a Groudon or a Kyogre?
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How do you trade on pal pad?

Who ever wants to trade me a zapatos, trade it with me because i will trade you a Articuno.Give me your friend code and ill do it.Deal??

Pokemon Pearl Is anyone willing to trade a Darkrai manaphy phione?

I offer these Pokemon:Dialga shaymin rotom kyogre spiritomb registeel regice regirock reigigas heatran moltres zapdos groudon cresselia swampert articuno rayquaza azelf mespirit uxie. I offer these Pokemon for darkrai manaphy and phione. My Name Is ASH FC 2321-4607-0250 I can't trade darkrai or manaphy, but phione can be traded. tell me what level. I want either shaymin, articuno, or moltres. Name: Matt FC: 5284 9653 1928 Matt ill trade you shaymin lvl30 for phione wats the highest lvl of phione u got? Wat time are u gonna be on so we can trade. Hi. I am willing to trade a moltres for a phione Matt. My name is LUCAS and my friend code is 5156 2535 4743.i want to trade you from 5:00 to7:00pm in the north American time(Washington dc time).

Can someone trade me a legit jirachi?

Sure Ill trade you my friend code is:1418 5180 3838 the name is Cameron Trade Now

How can you find a torchic in Pokemon platinum?

ill trade you one my friend code is 1805 9351 6951

Anyone wants to trade me an arceus or shaymin?

ill trade you them ...... but do you have a lv. 80 lugia and ho-ho ? if you do tell me then ill trade you . I can get the lugia and ho-oh so if you want to trade then send me your name and friend code and I will do the same thing. thanx srry but i have a shine lugia lv 100 but me as a girl cannot find oh ho ho. ok jk about the part that i cannot find ho ho cause iim a girl but if i trade my lugia i can tell You where ho ho hides 95% of the time.

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I will trade you almost anything for just a mew Kyogre and latias that's it I will trade you whatever you want if I have it on soul silver ill even give up a level 70 Raikou?

i have mewtwo kyorge groudon rayquaza sucene lugia ho-oh and articuno trying to catch zapdos right know ill trade you online

Would Anyone Be Willing To Trade Latias Latios Kyogre and Deoxys?

no but ill trade a ditto

Does anyone want to trade a lv 100 torterra on Pokemon platinum?

ill trade u with a lv 57 groudon

What map can you find the Pokemon called abomasnow on Pokemon indigo?

it is not there but still u can trade it i have abasnow l v 61 ill trade it for arceus or groudon l v 69

How To Get Kyogre In Pokemon Emerald?

ok now im not very sure but i think this is what you need to do if you surf all around hoen,you will find parts of the water that are very dark,if you have a Pokemon with dive,you will be under water and if you dive some place near team aqua's hideout, you will find a cave under water and that's were kyogre is found. like i said im not 100% sure but that's what i think it is true it hownu get him. but take like 100 ultra balls and 50 net balls yes that's true but after they will fight they will not go back to their respective places to get kyogre or groudon beat the elite four then go to weather institute then the one who gave you castform will tell you that there is a drought in route ____ and a heavy rainfall on route____ groudon is in terra cave and kyogre ill give you a hint HINT: use dive to find kyogre....

Will somebody trade Celebi lv30 in soul silver for lv100 shiny Kyogre?

I have a shiny celebi that you can have if you give me an electivire Ev trained. Respond to this message soon and if i can fix my wifi problem ill trade with you.on march 20 2011 or June 11 2011.

Can anyone trade me a Groudon Suicune or Rayquaza for my Mewtwo in Pokemon diamond?

yes i will trade you for your mewtwo! ive got so many groudons and raquazas! ill be on from April 2nd at 4oclock and email me at my fc is 5112 944 6503 name is ANTHONY

You have got a squad of Metagross salamence and walrein at the moment any suggestions on what Pokemon would be good with them?

three of the best Pokemon (non-legendary) on the game that's good. now im assuming that your assembling a team to beat the elite four so ill go with that. i suggest: the legendary Pokemon (either groudon or kyogre depending on what game you have, sapphire for kyogre and ruby for groudon, or if you have emerald rayquaza which is lvl 70 u will own the league if you have that with you) as it is an uber i suggest you starter Pokemon as the are some of the best non legendaries. and i would next suggest a breloom or a dusclops, depends on which one you like best =)

How do you get regigigas with action replay?

first you have to have groudon, rhyperior, kyogre, rayquaza, the three dogs, every single starter pokemon, ho-oh, lugia, arceus, giritina, heatran, dialga, palkia, and ill have to send you a mew3 since he hasn't come out yet, mew2 and mew. call me:272-1743 cell:707-8927

Can anybody trade you a totodile?

i have a totodile ill trade it for a bonsly

Ill trade you my Dialga for a mew two?

i have a mew two tell me your friend code and ill trade you my level 74 one

How do you catch Kyogre in SoulSilver?

You cannot catch Kyogre in SoulSilver, the only way to get Kyogre is by trading with someone who has one in HeartGold provided you need one in order to get the Jade Orb from Professor cant, you can catch groudon in soul silve kyogre is on Pokemon heart gold (if you have both groudon from soulsilver and kyogre from heartgld you can catch rayquaza)You get GROUNDON in soul silver and Kyogre in heart gold but if you dont care witch won you get then ill tell ya how 1# You can use AR - action replay - 2# Migrate it 3# glitch your game 4# Get it from a trade 5# get a pokemon in trade hold a red orb 6# The last answer is the hardest that's why people perfer to hack the last way is First beat the elite four and all the gym leaders in kanto and johto and get permission to fight red fight him either 1 2 3 4 times - i forgot the exact number you keep fighting him - bring your STRONGEST pokemon because he has level 80s! Then talk to that dude that knows the professor who is like a minor professor - sorry i forgot his name but you meet him in the middle of the game - and he will know how many times you beat red and will give you the red/blue - matters if you are playing heart gold or soul silver - and go to that weird and mysterious cave near the safari zone and use your red/blue orb! hope this helped oh and here is something you should know before you get Groundon/Kyorge well after you get them when you have both go back to the mysterious cave new the safari zone with only groundon and kyorge in your party and alot of ultra balls and great balls unless you have a master ball - wait before you do this talk to the minor preofessor again with only groundon and kyorge in your party and he will give you the green orb - ok so your in the mysterious cave with only groundon and kyorge and now use your green orb and rayquaza comes! hope this helps!~Mr. HoboP.S. sorry its so long lolYou don't. you either trade for a kyoger from SS, caught in the same place you find groudon, (this method will unlock the jade stone event) or you could recapture it from a sapphire or emerald game pack, but that won't unlock the jade stone