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I offer these Pokemon:Dialga shaymin rotom kyogre spiritomb registeel regice regirock reigigas heatran moltres zapdos groudon cresselia swampert articuno rayquaza azelf mespirit uxie. I offer these Pokemon for darkrai manaphy and phione.

My Name Is ASH

FC 2321-4607-0250

I can't trade darkrai or manaphy, but phione can be traded. tell me what level. I want either shaymin, articuno, or moltres.

Name: Matt

FC: 5284 9653 1928

Matt ill trade you shaymin lvl30 for phione wats the highest lvl of phione u got? Wat time are u gonna be on so we can trade.

Hi. I am willing to trade a moltres for a phione Matt. My name is LUCAS and my friend code is 5156 2535 4743.i want to trade you from 5:00 to7:00pm in the north American time(Washington DC time).

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Q: Pokemon Pearl Is anyone willing to trade a Darkrai manaphy phione?
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Dude, this isn't a talk website!

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Not me because i have an action replay so i can get Any Pokemon . But probably some won who does not and have won they would i don't know.

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Yeah person i will. i have palkia and heatran and darkrai and cresselia! Heres a list of Pokemon im willing to give: Gardevoir LV.31 Luxio LV.30 Chatot LV.50 Purugly LV.55

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Yeah i can.. I'll give you an Azelf or an Uxie two of the Legendary lake Pokemon for a Manaphy.. What's your FC?

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Ditto will breed with anyone other than legandaries (rotom and manaphy can breed)

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The guy that owns the mansion on route 212 has a book with Manaphy's info in it.

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yes But what do you want???

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