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How to communaite with flags?Why do we have flags?What do we use them for?

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Q: If you move your secret base after capturing 50 flags can you remove all the rocks or do you have to get another 50 flags?
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How do you get rid of boulders in your underground base in Pokemon platinum without capturing any flags?

you need to get flags from plauing with your friends underground. the flags will be in there base so if you find it take the flag and run

Remove boulders in secret bases on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to meet other people and take their flags in the Underground.

Pokemon pearl how to get rid of rocks in secret base?

To remove rocks, you must simply have the following: -Another DS or DSI and another Pokemon Diamond/Pearl game -A friend with the items above -Action Replay (and code for 100 captured flags) How to remove rocks: To remove rocks in your base, you must simply steal your opponent's flag from his/her base and then go to your PC and press 'Put Away', then remove (a) rock(s) Stealing 1 flag (bronze flag)- You can remove 1 rock 3 Flags (Silver flag)- You can remove 5 rocks 10 Flags (Gold flag)- You can remove 10 rocks 50 Flags (Platinum flag)- Able to remove all rocks Note: When you've reached Platinum Flag, you will earn a star on your trainer card. -Pyrenix

Is there an AR code that indirectly or directly allows me to remove boulders in my secret base in Pokemon Pearl?

will this help? Platinum Flag {L+R} 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 00003C98 00000064 00003CCC 00000064 10006864 0000270F D2000000 00000000 USE THIS WHILE UNDER GROUND TO HAVE A PLATINUM FLAG (MEANING YOU "MET" 100 PEOPLE UNDERGROUND) THEN REMOVE THE BOULDERS (AND GET SPIRITOMB!) NAME:MARC FC: 0172 8675 1874 EMAIL ME AT: EMAIL ME YOUR FC SO WE CAN BATTLE =)

Why did Six Flags remove the deja vu rolloercoaster?

i think they relocated to another park and turned it back on.

How do you delete rocks on Pokemon platinum?

In your underground secret base, right? You'll have to capture at least one flag underground before you can delete them. Just keep capturing your friends flags and eventually you will have much more room for goods in your base.

How many flags you have to take to remove all boulders in Pokemon diamond?

you have to get fifty flags apparently to remove all the boulders.

In Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond how many flags do you need to get in the underground to get a platinum flag?

50 flags stolen=platinum(remove all rocks in base) 10 flags stolen=gold(remove 10 rocks in base) 3 flags stolen=silver(remove 5 rocks in base) 1 flag stolen=bronze(remove 1 rock in base)

What are the flag ranks in theunderground in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The higher the flag rank, the more items you can put in your secret base, and the more bolders you can remove. To get to the first renk you need three flags, to get to the second you need five flags, the third is ten flags, the fourth is (i think) 15, then platinum, the last, needs fifty flags. Yes, fifty. but it's worth it: you can remove 50 bolders, and put a lot of items in your base. Remember, you can take the same flag as many times as you want. You don't have to get 50 diffrent flags.

How do you rank up in black ops?

Killing enemies, capturing flags, completing challenges, and at the end of every game you will get a match bonus just for playing.

Do flags I removed before I joined The Initiates Program count towards my remove flags mission total?

No, flags that you removed before joining The Initiates Program do not count towards your total for the removing flags mission. Similarly, any flags that you removed whilst on a previous mission do not count towards your total either. It is only the flags that you remove from the start date of your mission that count towards the mission. You can check how many flags you have removed by clicking on "My contributions" on the blue menu and filtering to "Flags".

How do you get last secret base flag in diamond?

You have to capture 50 flags to get the platnium flag.