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i don't know, i have action replay but when i use the code it only works for when i used action replay i i play my game normally the shines go away so I'm not sure yet but i hope it does

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Q: If you migrate and use the shiny code will the Pokemon turn shiny?
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Pokemon Platinum shiny ninetails action replay code?

an action replay code for just 1 Pokemon is really long try getting a code to turn all Pokemon shiny

Is there an action replay code in Pokemon diamond to turn the first Pokemon in your party shiny?


Turn Pokemon permantly shiny diamond code?


What is the action replay code for getting all shiny Pokemon?

12068ac6 60000460 they will not stay shiny when you turn it off

How do you turn off the code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond using Action Replay Max?

When you load up action replay, uncheck the box for the shiny Pokemon code before starting the game.

How can you turn shiny Pokemon to non-shiny Pokemon?

I'm sorry, but if you have come across a shiny Pokemon and have caught it, then there is no way you get turn it to a normal Pokemon.

Will a Pokemon turn shiny at level 100?

If a Pokemon you own is not shiny then no matter what it cannot turn shiny and if you have a shiny Pokemon it will never lose it's shininess

What code do you use on action replay to turn your team shiny?

im nto sure if it is turn your team shiny but it villprobably make every Pokemon you see be shiny and I mean EVERY it is 12068AC6 000046C0

Is there a code on Platinum to turn Pokemon Shiny Let me explain I have an awesome Scizor but he's not shiny so i would like to turn him into a Shiny ex 1st Slot Scizor L plus R equals Shiny Scizor?


How do you get all shinies in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for action replay?

heres the code: 02064ec8 47104a00 02064ecc 02000031 94000130 fcfe0200 02066db8 47084900 02066dbc 02000001 to activate it look at your trainer card then go to the field hit R+A to activate to turn off the code hit L+A if you catch a shiny Pokemon and turn off the code the Pokemon stays shiny. this code makes all the the wild Pokemon encountered shiny. enjoy :]

How do you make a normal Pidgeot turn into a shiny Pidgeot in Pokemon FireRed and Diamond?

You don't. If a Pokemon is shiny, it remains shiny forever. If it isn't shiny, it will never be.

How do you turn a Pokemon Shiny?

You can't turn a Pokemon shiny but you can catch one (the odds are 1 in 8192).NOTE:You can turn Pokemon shiny with game cheat devices aka Action Replay Max.