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When you load up action replay, uncheck the box for the shiny Pokemon code before starting the game.

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Q: How do you turn off the code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond using Action Replay Max?
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How do you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

By luck or by action replay codes.

Action replay codes for diamond have shiny Pokemon that stay shiny forever?


Is there an action replay code in Pokemon diamond to turn the first Pokemon in your party shiny?


What is the code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

its a action replay code:12068Ac6 60000460

What is the cheat to get shiny new in Pokemon diamond?

u need action replay

How do you make it so that you always encounter shiny Pokemon without an action replay on Pokemon diamond?

There is a 1 in 8192 chance of finding a shiny pokemon. You have to use a Action Replay. No way you can do that without the cheat!

How do you make a Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant MAKE a Pokemon shiny you have to catch it shiny. You can either chain Pokemon with the pokeradar or you can buy an action replay and add the shiny all Pokemon shiny code to it.I bought a n action replay ar for short or could by R4 card and download the diamond version pres secret buttom & cheat :)

Is there a code that exists to get permanent shiny Pokemon for Pokemon pearl or diamond with the action replay?

I do not know about an action replay code for Pokemon Diamond involving shiny pokemon, and if there was one, which I highly think so, there would be a code at "". Other than that, oh well!

What is the action replay code for a lv 1 shiny magicarp on Pokemon diamond?

 There is none

How do you keep Pokemon shiny when using the code for Action Replay on Pokemon Diamond?

There is no way at all sorry.

How do you get a certain Pokemon to be shiny in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

it just depends on luck or if you have the action replay for the ds.

Is there an action replay code that makes wild Pokemon in Pokemon diamond shiny?

i don't think so