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Q: If you don't take care of a Bella Sara horse on a Nintendo DS what happens?
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Do Bella sara ponies grow up?

yes they do my Bella sara horse grew up now it is not a foal it is a horse

Get rid of a Bella sara horse?

that's impossible

Do you have a free Bella sara horse code for flipper?


How long does it take a Bella Sara horse to grow up?

your Bella sara horse does not grow up, get sick, die, expire, or do anything else like that on the website. however, i think it's different on the Bella sara DS. that does make me sad

How do you get the last horse in Bella sara?

you do not get all them they keep adding

In Bella sara does your horse die?

Nope! None of your horses can die.

Can you give me one unused water horse on Bella sara?


What is pegasusconstellations?

it's a horse up in the sky.who is royalty and is from bella sara

What are Bella Sara Horse cards?

Bella Sara cards are cards with magical horse on them. You can enter your codes on The codes are at the bottom of the card on the side with the horse on it. You have to create an account before you can enter your codes. Each time you enter a code you get horseshoes. Horseshoes are the money on Bella Sara. You can use horseshoes to buy cool stuff for your cottage. If you click on the magical horse icon you can see your horses and enter their stable. In their stable you can brush, feed, water, and clean their stall. In the world of Bella Sara you can also play games to earn horseshoes and play Bella Sara adventures.

What are all the Bella sara horse codes?

I can't give you any cause I don't have any but if you go on Bella Sara codes some of the websites will have codes.

Can you delete a horse on Bella sara?

No you cannot, which is really annoying because you can get so many of the same horse on there!

Do you have any unused magical horse codes for Bella sara?

no an I need some.