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Yes.Fionas' code is JFGKFP2FTZ.Excelsiors' code is 4JP3-4ZSS-N22S.

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Q: Can you please have Bella sara rare horse code?
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Can anyone give me bellasara card codes especially from baby Bella collection please will give you a rare horse code and a very rare horse link?


What is an unused Bellasara code for jewel?

Jewel is a rare horse so people will need to activate her themselves!

What are the rare water horse codes for Bella sara?

You cannot get them off the Internet, believe me, i have looked everywhere for them. If you want a water horse, you are going to have to go and buy a card. They cost about one or two dollars each, usually.

What is a page for bellasara codes?

Here is a code for four rare horses BSA#CLASSICS go online and type in bella sara free codes.

Can you please give me all info of Young Riders magazine that has a poster of a real Fantasy Horse galloping on a beach-is this a rare type of Arabian Horse breed or color-copied to make it look real?

Color-copied! There is no Fantasy Horse or Present Horse.

Can Someone Please Give you a Rare Webkinz Pet Code?

That would not be good you need to buy it no free stuff!! :) Chloe1132

Are there any rare Bella sara cheat codes?


Codes for eltra rare bellasara cards?

The code for rare Bella Sara is BSA#CLASSICS if this doesn`t work you have to email me at my Facebook,My Facebook name is Jenelle Arriza Capati.When you visit my page you will see I`m just 8 years old.Its true,Because I just loved Bella Sara,ever since I played it I`m addicted to it.

How rare is it for a horse to have twins?


How many baby horses can palmino have?

normally any horse has one baby at a time. it is rare for a horse to have twins. and extremely rare for them to live.

Burger King eclipse game pieces are rare?

Bella, Esme, Carlisle, Victoria, Sam, and Jane are the rare pieces

Is black a popular horse color?

no it is sort of rare to have a black horse. it may look black but most likely it is a dark bay.