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Q: If you cancel your runescape subscription do you get your money back?
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How do you cancel your World of Warcraft account?

To cancel your subscription to World of Warcraft, go to your Battlenet account management page, click the game you wish to cancel, and click on the Cancel Subscription link that is in the license information box. When you stop paying (cancel) your subscription, it is not deleted. All of your characters will still be there if you decide to come back at a later date, along with all the gear and gold that you had when you stopped playing.

How do you cancel your LimeWire account?

how do i cancel limewire and get my money back

Do you get your money back when cancel a membership for funorb?


How much money will you get back if you cancel membership in pixie hollow?

u dont get money back

If you cancel your Fantage membership will you get back your money?

Of course you will

After you buy wow can you cancel it?

i don't think you can get your money back I'm afraid. But you can cancel your account.

When can you cancel an membership after a purchase?

Unfortunately you can't.When you are deciding to have a membership you must think it over BEFORE you buy it.You can technically cancel it but you will not get your money back dont worry you can cancel it all you have to do is click on upgrade to member and then click cancel runescape membership forever.just kidding not forever. You can cancel your membership by going to account settings and canceling it. You won't get a refund, but your current days left stay, giving you time to clean up and members stuff. Oh, and I hope this is RuneScape you're talking about. Club Penguin, no idea.

If you have a subscription for a month and you buy a ranch what happens to the ranch when your subscription runs out?

From the time that your subscription runs out, you have 30 days to buy a new one or your ranch will be sold and the money from selling the ranch added back into your money on hand.

In runescape if you buy a skill cape as a member do you keep it when your subscription expires?

Yes you do. But if you take it off you can not put it back on until you subscibe again.


I did not order this book. Cancel this please and how do i send this book back? Jacob Callahan 1108 S. Price Ave Hominy, OK 74035 918-885-6656 Account Number 00259245595 PLEASE CANCEL

What happens when you a cancel a unclaimed payment?

the money goes back to your account.

When you pay to be a member in club penguin and then cancel does your money come back to you?

No it doesn't

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