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pesonaly i dnt no but now ruenscaoe free trade is back i can duplicate any item you want what you have to make money if you want that add on runescape

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Q: Where is the chaos temple in varrock?
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Where is the varrock chaos temple on runescape?

The Varrock chaos-temple is in well...Varrock, where the small bank is ( East I think ) head north, into a tunnel under a statue, keep on going until you reach a portal, go in the portal.Note: you may need a tiara or talisman.

Where is the chaos temple in runescape?

The Chaos Temple is in the "Wilderness". Look at your world map search "Chaos Temple" and it should show you where it is anyways.

Where is the PvP arena?

The PvP Arena for free members is located in several places.Duel Arena - North of Al-Kharid.Clan Wars - North of the Chaos Temple (the ring of lava).Fist of Guthix - A little north of Varrock in the Wilderness.

Where is the fire temple in RuneScape?

Exit the gates north of Varrock, turn right and head down until you find it.

How do you get through chaos shrine in Final Fantasy?

you have to get the chaos sphere or whatever its called from each of the other temples then activate the symbles in the chaos temple entrance

Do you have to be a member in runescape to go into the chaos temple?

I think so.

Who is god of varrok on RuneScape?

It doesn't have one. There is a temple to saradomin, the god of order and a temple to zamarok, god of chaos.

How do you get to zamorak temple on runescape?

It's very close to varrock. Type it in on your map and you will see. Right off the wilderness line/wall.

Where can you get chaos runes in runscape?

You can obtain Chaos Runes from the Grand Exchange in Varrock for the best prices and also in bulk. It's also possible to buy Chaos Runes from Aubury's Rune shop for 140 gold pieces each, or by killing monsters in RuneScape. There are also some spawn locations for Chaos Runes with the most popular location in the Dark Warriors' Fortress.

Where is the Varrock Museum in RuneScape?

The Varrock Castle is east of the Varrock bank or northwest of the Varrock General store.

How many types of Varrock armor is there?

With the update a few months ago, there are 4 types of Varrock armour. You can obtain these by completing the Varrock Achievement Diary. Easy reward - Varrock Armour 1, Medium - Varrock Armour 2, Hard - Varrock Armour 3, Elite - Varrock Armour 4.

Where is Varrock Castle?

North of Varrock Square.