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you will get an eevee because a flarion is the grown up version of eevee

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Q: If you breed a flareon with a ditto will you get a flareon egg or an Eevee egg?
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Can you you get an Eevee egg with a flareon and ditto?

Yes, any of Eevee's evolutions and a ditto can be bred for an Eevee egg.

If you breed an Eevee holding a firestone will the egg be a flareon?

No, unfortunately, It will be an Eevee. If you want a Flareon, Hatch an Eevee egg and use a Fire Stone.

If you breed Ditto and a male Vaporeon will you get an Eevee?

Yes. Breed a ditto with any eevee evolution and the result egg will be eevee.I second the verdict. The egg will definitely be an Eevee.

Can you breed a flareon on Pokemon platinum?

Absolutely!Just get a ditto and breed it. :]You'll get an eevee egg, though.Just give it another fire stone, or, if you have AR, just duplicate it. :]Hope I helped!

Can you breed flareon in Pokemon on FireRed?

It is possible to make Eevee eggs with any of Eevee's evolutions. Breeding with Flareon is possible, but breeding to hatch a Flareon egg is impossible.

What Pokemon can you breed with Eevee?

Eevee can breed with any Pokemon in the Field Egg Group and including Ditto as well.

How do you evolve an eevee into a Flareon on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't preevolve Pokemon so you if you want another evee breed flareon with ditto, or if the flareon is a female you could breed it with another Pokemon, as long as they are from the same egg group.

Can you breed Espeon with Ditto in Pokemon Gold for Game Boy Color and get an Espeon in the egg?

You will get an eevee egg. That you can evolve into an eevee or the other eevee evolutions.

How do you devolve eevee?

You can't, but you can let one of the evolutions of Eevee breed with a Ditto and then you let the Egg hatch and you have a Eevee of lvl 1.

Will you still get an Eevee if you evolve another Eevee and breed it?

breed it with a ditto. hatch the stupid egg. and you get an evee.keep doing this and you can have all evee evolutions

If you breed Ditto and eve do you get 6 more eggs?

If you breed Ditto and Eevee than you'll get one egg and it will hatch into an Eevee but you can breed them as many times as you want to get more eggs and thus more Eevees.

How do you get 2 Eevee in HeartGold?

hatch from egg breed in day care evee and ditto