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I too live in Australia. I can confirm the event does indeed work in Platinum , however it doesn't work for Diamond (I just tried it 2 seconds ago). Sorry, but you'll need to use Platinum in order to receive Shaymin. :(

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Q: I live in Australia on shaymin event platinum worked but then i tried with diamond it said no gift found what happened?
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Where do you get a shaymin?

Flower Paradise in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

How do you get to shaymin in soul silver?

trade from diamond/pearl/platinum

Is Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum? pearl and diamond with action replay

When do you Find Shaymin in heartgold?

you can only do it on diamond,pearl,and platinum.

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get shaymin?

Shaymin cannot be legitimately obtained on Pokémon SoulSilver. It must be traded from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. To get Shaymin in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you must either use an Action Replay or take advantage of an event.

Can you trade a sky shaymin or origin form giratinna to Pokemon diamond from Pokemon platinum?

Actually you can trade Shaymin and Giratina to Diamond/Pearl from Platinum but if you do - Shaymin will revert back to its Land Forme and Giratina will revert back to its Altered Forme.

How do you evel shaymin in dimond?

You can't evolve a shaymin in diamond, but you can make it a sky type in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get shaymin in heart gold?

You can't get shaymin in heart gold you have to trade it from Pokemon pearl,diamond or platinum.

If you trade shaymin from Pokemon diamond in to platinum can it go in to sky from?


Where to find shaymin in diamond?

you cant only in a platinum event, but its over

Can you get sky form shaymin in diamond?

no you can't but when Pokemon platinum comes out on march 22nd sky form shaymin is on their

What item do you give shaymin to change form on Pokemon Diamond?

Sorry, but Shaymin can only change form in Platinum.