How was Goku's tail removed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Puar transformed into a pair of scissors then cut it off during the Pilaf saga of Dragonball.

But then it grew back. Later Gohan (Goku's grandpa) pulled/ripped it off. Then it grew back again.

Finally, when Goku went to train with Kami, it was removed permanently by Kami who also restored the moon.

*Correction. Though the movies go in a different order. Grandpa Gohan came first. Then Puar cut it off. Then Kami removed it.

You can tell Grandpa Gohan comes first as, in the second movie where Puar cut it off. Goku already knows Bulma, Yajarobi etc etc... He has the power pole, and he has the nimbus. All of which, he gets in the fourth movie, AFTER losing grandpa Gohan. Not to mention, he complains that he lost it "again" when Puar cuts it off.*

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by the hello way

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Q: How was Goku's tail removed?
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