Who is gokus mom?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fasha is gokus mother because goku was an adult when fasha died and in dragonball z tenachi 3 bardock says fasha no! and she has the same face as goku and shorotto is fan named or fake. this is wrong she says why dont you visit YOUR son if it were theyrs she would have said our

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Q: Who is gokus mom?
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Was gokus mom in a episode of dragonballz?

No Gokus mom was not in any of the episdoes of dragonballz's episodes

Why didnt they mention gokus mom?

Im pretty sure they did, as Fasha, but she's dead, along with bardock and his crew.

What is the name on gokus dad?


Who is gokus brother?

his name is howzat

What is gokus phone number?

what is gokus phone number?

Is Goten a filler character in dbz?

No he is gokus son

Where is popeyes?

gokus a BEAST!

What is gokus saiyan name from dragon vball z?


What was gokus power level when nappa asked vegeta?


Who is gokus cousin?

it is never revealed if goku has a cousin or not.

Is vegeta going to be in gokus team?

Yes he does join Goku's team.

What is gokus fathers name?

Goku's father's name is Bardock.