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Each magic log gives you 250 woodcutting xp.

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2011-02-25 09:13:59
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Q: How much woodcutting xp do magic logs give you?
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How much are magic logs worth?

Magic logs are worth around 36k per inventory so if you were to take 10 trips (not a lot) you could have 360k!!! I would recommend cutting magics at 85+ woodcutting. I also suggest you cut them south from seers village.

How much woodcutting xp do yew logs give you?

* 175xp With a regular Hatchet* 350xp With a Sacred Clay Hatchet* 385xp With a Volatile Hatchet

How much exp does a maple log give you?

Maple logs are logs obtained from cutting maple trees, which give 100 Woodcutting experience per log (members wearing a Seers' headband 2 receive 110).

How much xp teak logs runescape?

You will get 85 experience for each teak log you get from woodcutting.

How much firemaking xp per magic log on runescape?

Magic Logs give 303 xp per log when you burn them.

Is there a better way to get from 78-99 woodcutting on runescape?

Here's an exp chart and how much it would take to max out your woodcutting. Wllows:166,881 Yew:64,369 Magic:45,058 ====================================== 1-30 I woulds suggest oaks and logs near lumby. 30-40 Willows. 40-74 Ivy. 99-99 Magics! For many! Congratz 99 Wcing! Also, use those logs for 99 fm!

On runescape how much woodcutting exp is a full bag of yew logs?

each log is 175 exp 28*175 4.9k

How much cash per hour is cutting magic trees at 99 woodcutting?

It depends on how fast you cut them.

How much do 1000 magic logs sell for in runescape?

Roughly 1.3million

How much are magic logs worth in runescape?

The market price for one Magic log is approximately 1,360gp - 1,504gp.

How much money are cursed magic logs on runescape?

They r only called cursed when in the spirit world. Outside they are called magic logs and are worth about 1k each. It is recommended u cut magic logs, for the requirements are less so in result u cut it faster. Hope it helped

Where is the best place to firemake in RuneScape?

the best place might either be the wilderness volcano or nardah, if you ask me the best place is the wilderness volcano. if you cut your logs, magic logs are your best bet if you wanna get woodcutting xp along the way. if u just want fire making over with and to cut your logs, cut yews. if u are gonna buy your logs, the cheapest way is to use willows, but that takes forever and 1.7m. if you just wanna spend a decent amount of cash but not too much buy maples (3mil). but if u really are rich and just want it over with, don't use magic logs, use yews, it costs like 15mil that way but that's the 2nd fastest way. the fastest is magic logs, its a waste of money, they aren't that much faster than yews, if you were to ask me the best choice is to use maple logs and spend like 3.5m doing that.

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