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Q: How much money did the Nintendo Wii make the first year after its release?
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How much money does Nintendo make in a year?


How much money does a Nintendo game make a mouth?

We Cant Tall you love Nintendo CEO

When did Nintendo make the first Nintendo product?

I don't know but it was trading cards.

Why did Nintendo make the Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo releases most of it's gaming products to keep selling and earning more money. And the Nintendo Wii was a BIG hit.

What platform did the Nintendo first make?


How much money does Nintendo make?

Probably $1,000!

How much money does Nintendo make per year?

87.5 billion

Why was Nintendo DS created?

So they could Make alot of Money.

Who came first Nintendo or Sony?

Nintendo was founded on September 23, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi.

Why don't they make a Pokemon game for the PS2 and PS3?

Pokemon is one of Nintendo's strongest assets. imagine the money sony would make. sony is Nintendo's rival, and Nintendo would not help them. basically, Nintendo own Pokemon, not sony

How much money did Nintendo make in Novenber 2007?

They made 100,00 dollars

What did Nintendo first make?

In the 19th century the first started to make original playing cards in japan