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Because America is the most comercialy powerfull country in the world. By opening a HQ in America, Nintendo stood to make a lot of money.

The question was WHEN, not WHY.

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Q: When did Nintendo the company come to America?
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Where did the Nintendo DS come from?

The Nintendo Company.

What is Nintendo's parent company?

Nintendo is it's own parent company however Nintendo of America's parent company is Nintendo. A little confusing yea?

When does Nintendo 3ds come out in America?

The 3DS (has) come out in America on the 27th of March 2011.

When does the green Nintendo DSi come out in America?


When will Nintendo company will come in India?

never they are poor

When will the Nintendo 3DS come out in North America?

On March 27th in North America.

What companies come from Japan?

Nintendo is a huge company from Japan.

What year was Nintendo introduced?

The actual company of Nintendo existed since 1889, The First Nintendo console came out in 1983 (in Japan) and 1985 (in America)

When does the Nintendo DSi come out for sale?

It all ready came out in america.

What company created SNES?

Nintendo of America produced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991 (in North America). The Super Famicom, the Japanese version, was released by Nintendo to Japan and South Korea the previous year.

When does the Sims 3 ds come out?

The sims 3 for Nintendo ds has come out already in America!

When did Nintendo first come out?

It was first Released In North America July 1987