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If you want to rank up to builder in minecraft classic, you need to read the rules, or ask a moderator or admin, sometimes ask the owner him self! :D

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Q: How much is builder rank in minecraft classic?
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How do you get higher ranks in minecraft classic?

You work hard and earn it or you can go to a server that has auto rank like when you build a certain amount of blocks, it auto ranks you.

How do you rank up on a Minecraft server?

You can't rank up on a Minecraft server because there are no ranks unless the host of the server has a rank plugin.

How do you rank up in minecraft?

You can't.

What is the highest rank on tradewinds classic?

The highest rank is Tai Pan

What is an admin on Minecraft smp?

An admin is a administrator of a Minecraft Server. They are of a higher rank than Moderators.

How do you get builders status in Minecraft?

ask the host to rank you up

How do you rank people up in Minecraft?

It depends. You can't with normal minecraft but if you have a bukkit powered servers you can get plug-ins for that

How can you tell what your rank is in Minecraft multiplayer?

It should say before your username.

Are there risks of making a Minecraft server?

The Risk is that someone could hack your Minecraft server and get Owner rank, and they could probly find you IP adress

What is better Dyer or DyeNade as a minecraft rank name?

This is my opinion, Dyer. You may have DyeNade if you wish.

What rank is roblox on most popular in the world?

I'd say under rank 50.

How much rank get government colleges of uptu for obc?

how much rank required in uptu/