How much is brain training on ds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The game Brain Training for Nintendo DS will cost you around $25.00. However, it can be found on online stores for as low as $19.99.

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Q: How much is brain training on ds?
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What are the best educational fun Ds games?

a) Brain training b) More Brain training c) Big Brain Academy d) Maths play DS e) Clever Kids farmyard fun f) 100 Classic Book Collection - NintendoDSg) Junior Brain Trainer h) Brain Assist - NintendoDS i) Brain challenge ds

Is brain training DS worth buying?

yes. Because it helps you learn my math and handwriting .

What age group are Nintendo ds Brain Training suitable for?

Nintendo DS Brain Training is a thinking game created to help people improve and sharpen their mental skills. This game is suitable for any age, though adults generally need the practice more.

What are good brain teaser games?

There are several brain training games you can buy for the nintendo ds or another popular-non computer game is sudoku which has been shown to keep the brain active and sharp.

Is the ds game brain age the same as brain training?

Games can be a very effective way to gain knowledge and hand-eye coordination, but they do not take the place of formal schooling.

When was Kanji Training DS created?

Kanji Training DS was created in 2006.

When did Kanji Training DS happen?

Kanji Training DS happened in 2006.

How to improve a student with low IQ?

brain training.. Nintendo ds does a game like that, it is really good, there are also book with logic problems in them.. great fun and gives the brain a workout

How can you get your parents to buy you a ds and a Pokemon game for your ds?

show them features of the ds that might make them interested (ex. the ds's touch screen.) you could also start out by getting more educational games such as brain training games or games for learning another language.

Where can one purchase Brain training for the Nintendo DS?

Most high street stores such as Game or HMV, and supermarkets such as Tesco or Asda sell this game for Nintendo DS. Online this game is also available from sites such as Amazon.

How the capacity of brain can be improved?

I would recommend a Nintendo DS with one of those witty and funny brain training-games. Actually, it's already pretty high, your capacity. Using it will expand it, like a muscle.

What training do brain surgeons get?

Brain surgeons treat diseases, injuries, and deformities of the brain. It takes training beyond the medical and surgeon training.