How much does a DS USB cord cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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how much dose a ds cord cast

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Q: How much does a DS USB cord cost?
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Does a DS come with a USB cord?

No. You have to buy it as an accesory.

Where is mission 14 on clubpenguin ds?

you have to download it off the computer to your ds using a usb cord

Can a Nintendo DS be made into a PC controller using a USB cord?

No, A Nintendo DS is not compatible with a PC controller.

How do you use a USB cord gor your Nintendo DS?

bye not having a ds and gowin some balls so you can drop them :L

How do you download new games on action replay ds without the usb?

you cant.unless they come out with a wireless usb cord then,well that's still a usb. well you cant.

What comes with action replay ds?

A USB cord, a user's manual, the Action Replay, with all the cheats on it (well, not ALL of them)

Can you charge your Nintendo DS from your PC with a standard USB camera miniature USB adapter cord or do you need something else?

I am very sorry but as far as I know you cannot. Sorry.

How much does a real DS cost?

a DS cost 60$.

How much does the ds cost?

the first ds cost about 130

How do you connect your ds to the computer?

well you will need the usb port cable that connects them then you plug it in download action replay code manager and your down

How muchdo the 1st Nintendo DS cost?

How much does a Nitendo Ds cost?

What type of usb port is on a Nintendo ds lite?

The DS Lite does not have a USB port.