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A BILLION i think. :P noob

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Q: How much exp does swampert need to get to get to lv 100?
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How much exp does wailord need to be at lv100?

Wailord needs 1,640,000 exp to reach lv. 100.

Hoe much exp do you need to become a luetenit in halo 3?

100 exp. and a skill of at least 10

How much exp do you need be an officer in Halo 3?

you need to have 100 exp and 10 skill level to become a lieutennant (officer) on halo 3

How much exp do you need for 99 runescape?

13,034,431 EXP

How much exp points has Mewtwo in level 100?


If you use a lvl 100 Pokemon through the elite four then put an exp share onto another Pokemon not 100 what will happen to exp?

The exp share will give only the other Pokemon exp not the 100 because it is impossible to gain exp on a 100.

How much exp points do you get at the Pokemon daycare per second?

2 exp. points per second. 100 per minute.

How much exp does arceus give at level 100?

Noon a Pokemon can not gain ANY exp.points at level 100

How do you rank up in crossfire?

You Rank up by being getting exp. After every game you will see how much exp you earned for that game. The better you are the more exp you will get. Also there's items that help you get exp by adding a certain amount of percentage to your regular exp. For example i get 100 exp in regular game. if i get a 10%+ exp ill get 110 exp.

How much exp do you need to get to arrancar at soul-arena?

about 16,500 to 17,000

How much exp you need for 99 in a skill?

a little over 13,000,000

Level up Pokemon 100?

I'm not sure what your question is but level 100 is max and it takes forever. you need about 1250000 exp is the most and you need it on most Pokemon.