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13,034,431 EXP

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Q: How much exp do you need for 99 runescape?
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How much xp is 99 stat on runescape?

The total exp is 13,034,431 experience for a 99 stat on RuneScape.

How many xp is it from 98 to 99 on runescape?

1,228,825 Exp

How much exp do you need to geat 99 cooking in Runescape?

Getting from level 83 to level 99 coking in Runescape should take about a week if you are playing 10 hours a day and cooking rocktails on bonfires with cooking gauntlets.

How much exp you need for 99 in a skill?

a little over 13,000,000

How much exp do you need from level 98 firemaking to level 99?


When you burn a maple log how much exp do you get on RuneScape?

135 im getting 99 fire making right now and im using maple logs cuz they are cheap and give alot of exp

How many trout starting from lvl 65 cooking dose it take to geat 99 cooking in Runescape?

About 105,547 depending on how much exp you have right now.

What is the easiest 99 on RuneScape?

The easiest 99 to get is Cooking, the Cooking exp per hour (on just Lobsters) is around 190k with the use of the best non members cooking urn. One urns exp bonus equates to 9 lobsters. Thus urns are a good investment. They reduce the amount of lobsters you need in total and from lvl 60-99 cooking, 1.1m of the exp will have been from urns! And as to date of June 2012, cooking is the fastest 99 to achieve.

Who is the highest player on runescape?

the best player at the moment in 2009 is gertjaars he has 99 in everything and has more exp in everything than anyone.

On runescape i have 73 flecthing level and i wont level 99. i cut maple logs but do not string them. how long will it take to get 99 flecthing?

just input your exp on link below

Runescape-how many zeal's from level 1-99?

This is unconfirmed yet, you will have to tally up this yourself.A little help with that here:Level 99 exp ( 13,034,431 xp ) Divided by Exp per Zeal = Answer.Note: This is very inaccurate though considering you start getting more exp per Zeal when you level up.

What does an assist do on RuneScape?

You can 'borrow' the other person's skills. Let's say you want to smith a rune platebody but you don't have 99 smithing, someone with 99 smithing can assist you and you can smith it. But the person with 99 smithing gets the exp.