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400 exp.

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Q: How much Exp. do experiments in RuneScape give?
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How much exp do making iron platebodies give you on runescape?

75 exp each.

How much exp do the 53 zombies give on runescape?

920 each

How much exp do you need for 99 runescape?

13,034,431 EXP

How much exp does coal give you in runescape?

You get 50 mining experience for every coal you mine.

How much exp does trout give in Runescape?

50 Fishing XP 77 Cooking XP

How much exp do runescape accursed urns give?

Runescape Accursed Urns give a bonus experience of 375 exp. To fill the urn you have to have the urn in your inventory and kill lesser or greater demons. The ashes will automatically go into the urn, and can be teleported when full.

What quests on runescape give you smithing exp?

The Smithing Quest

What quest on RuneScape give magic exp?

Lunar Diplomacy

What quests on runescape give you exp lamps?

A lot of quest give you exp lamps. You can also check the reward of the quest before you start it.

In runescape how much exp do you get in making 1 cake?

you get 9 billion exp when you make a cake

How much give in much xp does salmon give in runescape?

Cooking a tuna give 100 exp. It also heals 100 life points.

How much xp do you get from a yew tree on runescape?

175 exp