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According to Best Buy's official website, the PlayStation 3 is sold in a bundle. The "Holiday Bundle", which comes with two games is priced at $289.99.

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Q: How much does the PS3 sell for at Best Buy?
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A Sony centre sell the best quality Playstations, but I got my PS3 from Zavvi.

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If you are a best buy employee you have to pay twice as much for the ps3 if you work at best buy you should quit

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How much does a ps3 cost now at best buy?

$249.99 for a PS3 160 GB plus taxes

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PS3 is the better of the two, although the PS2 is much cheaper at $100. Buy the PS3 if you want the best console. The best pricing or deal on the PS3 is the 320 GB PS3 with the Move Bundle for $350 or with a uncharted 3 game for $300. The 160 GB PS3 is $250

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