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The salaries of Pat Sajak and Vanna White have never been made public

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Q: How much do the stars of Wheel of Fortune make?
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How much does it cost to buy a consonant in the game Wheel of Fortune?

You buy vowels for $250 and not consonants on Wheel of Fortune

How much revenue did Wheel of Fortune make from 2005 to 2010?

They are a game show and a number of different companies make money as a result of the Wheel of Fortune. They include the producers and distributors as well as all they local TV Stations that sell ads on there stations.

How much does it cost to advertise on Wheel of Fortune?

they are negotiated

How much does the Wheel of Fortune wheel weigh?

It weights two short tons or 3,600 pounds see related link

How much money in a single Wheel of Fortune game?

The amount varies from game to game

How much is the Wheel of Fortune ceramic dalmatian?

Wheel of Fortune does not sell the Dalmatians. Any that are available from other sources are collectible items from when they could be purchased with prize money during the early Daytime Wheel of Fortune program. It has been over 20 years since the show allowed the purchase of the Dalmatians by the contestants.

How much do second and third place win in Wheel of Fortune?

They win at least $1000 if they did not win more playing the game. It is Jeopardy that has a set amount and for Wheel of Fortune you keep what ever you win and get the $1000 only if you failed to answer any puzzles because $1,000 is also the minimum for solving a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

How much money is on Wheel of Fortune wheel?

Taken from the Wheel of Fortune show guide links:On October 14, 2008, newlywed Michelle Loewenstein became the biggest winner on Wheel of Fortune, winning $1 million. Until then, "The Bold and the Beautiful" star Jack Wagner and his partner Christine Denos of San Jose, Calif., were the big winners with $142,550 in cash and prizes during "Soap Stars Week" in 2006. Wagner donated his share to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

If someone wanted to buy the Wheel of Fortune dalmatian how much is it worth?

It's not for sale, you must find someone who has one and try to get them to sell it by offering enough money that they will sell it. It has not ever been part of the syndicated nighttime Wheel of Fortune prizes except as a stage prop and was part of the Daytime Wheel of Fortune prizes. Better for you to find one that looks like the Wheel of Fortune Dalmatian than try to get someone to sell their keepsake of the show.

How much gold coins do you get if you spin the wheel of fortune and it lands on gold on goodgame cafe?

5 Gold

How much does it cost to buy each vowel on Wheel of Fortune?

$250 for all of the spaces in the puzzle that have that vowel

How much do fortune cookie writers get paid?

Fortune cookie writers do not get paid very well. One might make around 25,000 a year writing fortune cookies. That is if they are good at what they do.