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The amount varies from game to game

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Q: How much money in a single Wheel of Fortune game?
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Can you get more money on Wheel of Fortune or jeopardy?

Wheel of Fortune has more single game winners that earn more than the Jeopardy list of 50.000 plus winners and the minimum for Wheel of Fortune is the same as the third place for Jeopardy. Only someone like Ken Jennings with multiple wins does better on Jeopardy. Since Wheel of Fortune pays out more money it would seem that on average you would do better on Wheel of Fortune. Many Jeopardy contestants leave with the second and third place prizes and still have to pay for all there costs to be on the program beginning with the audition including transportation and lodging if they were required.

What is the duration of Wheel of Fortune Australian game show?

The duration of Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - is 1500.0 seconds.

When did Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - end?

Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - ended on 2008-06-27.

When was Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - created?

Wheel of Fortune - Australian game show - was created on 1981-07-21.

What is a tv game show starting with wheel?

wheel of fortune

How much does it cost to buy a consonant in the game Wheel of Fortune?

You buy vowels for $250 and not consonants on Wheel of Fortune

What childhood word game was the inspiration for Wheel of Fortune?

the game of hang man, though the game of wheel of fortune is really nothing like it except that letters go into spaces.

Can you Watch The Wheel of Fortune Tournament Of Winners?

Sometimes older episodes of Wheel of Fortune are available on the game show network

What was the answer on Wheel of Fortune game today?

Suck My Dick!

When was the Wheel of Fortune game released for Wii?

The Nintendo Wii and DS versions of the Wheel of Fortune were released on November 2 2010

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for February 7 2013?

The Object of the Game was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 7 2013The Object of the GameThe Object of the Game

How much revenue did Wheel of Fortune make from 2005 to 2010?

They are a game show and a number of different companies make money as a result of the Wheel of Fortune. They include the producers and distributors as well as all they local TV Stations that sell ads on there stations.