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75 bucks

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Q: How much do guitars for Guitar Hero for wii cost?
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How much is guitar hero 5 going to cost?

Guitar Hero 5 is going to cost $59.99.

Is th guitar hero for Wii that bad compared to other consoles you have a Wii and ps2 but you would much rather get it for the Wii?

Guitar Hero on Wii is better when compared to the PS2 versions. However the PS2 version is compaitable with the original guitar hero guitars and third party USB guitars and the Wii version is only compatiable with the offcial Guitar Hero guitars for Wii.

How much does guitar hero world tour for ps2 cost?

The band kit for ps2 cost $179.99. If you just want the game with the guitar, it is $69.99. If you already have the guitars and the rest of the the band, the disk itself is $49.99.

How much will get when you trade in 2 Guitar Hero guitars in at gamestop?

Depends on wich gamestop it is.

How much does hero 3 cost?

If you mean Guitar hero 3, Cost me £25 for the solo with the guitar its around £50

How much are Wii guitars?

Depending on the guitar, the average wii guitar costs about $20-$30. I might not be compleatly correct but I know that the price I said is about correct. Some guitars are really expencive like the Guitar Hero Matalica Guitar is about $45. And some guitars are really cheap like the Guitar Hero 1 Guitar is about $15. But I heard from a ton of people that the older and the cheaper (the price not quality) the guitar is the rarer it is.

How much does it cost to get a Guitar Hero for PS2?

Guitar hero 1 ranges from $20.00-$52.00 at 14 stores.

How much will how much will guitar hero 4 cost with mic drums and guitar cost for x box 360?


How much does Guitar Hero on tour cost?

about £20 - £30

How much is the cost of Guitar Hero metallica?

$45 to $50

How much does guitar hero cost for ds?

about $50 at walmart

How much will guitar hero 4 cost on wii without the drums guitar and microphone?