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15 times i believe im not even 1 LOL i think i like battlefield better well sorta

but not as much as cod mw2

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Q: How many times can you prestige in cod black ops?
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How do you get gold camo on cod black ops?

you need to prestige 14 times

How do you get the classified level on zombies on cod black ops?

i believe you have to prestige a certain amount of times

How many prestiges are in cod black ops?

15 prestiges and 50 levels per prestige

What level do you prestige on COD black ops?

Level 50

How many levels will it take to prestige in cod modern warfare 2?

You need to get to level 70 before you unlock prestige 1, and you have to do that 10 times to get to prestige 10.

How do you prestige in cod black ops?

reach level 50 ,then go to player card ,then click on "PRESTIGE"

On COD Black Ops How can you tell what what prestige level your at?

Google black ops prestige symbols. If none of the symbols are on your playercard, you haven't prestiged.

How do you get 11th prestige on mw2?

in cod black ops there is a 15th prestige and in mw2 there is only 10 prestiges because to prestige in mw2 you have to get to level 70 but in black ops you only have to get to level 50 to prestige

How do you shi kuma on cod black ops for ps3?

you have to have hardend or prestige to have it i think

How do you hack cod black ops 15th prestige?

Try this it maybe what your looking for

What are the four symbols under your rank on call of duty mw3?

Your previous COD levels. From MW1, WaW, MW2, Black Ops. You receive one prestige point for if you have prestiged before in a COD game. Example- MW1- prestige 3 MW2- prestige 10 WaW- no prestige Black Ops- prestige 12 You would receive 3 prestige points because you prestiged in MW1, MW2, and Black Ops.

Can you prestige on level 25 or it has to be in level 55 on COD black ops 2?

you have to be on level 55 to prestige in bo2 and since when do we prestige up in level 25???